Sometimes a plugin on your data is the fastest route to information, knowledge and wisdom

Knowledge on the shelf from your specific data

Sometimes it is too much and not cost-effective to invent the wheel yourself by spending a lot of money and time on insights that can also be “bought”. Data-driven Commercially-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) solutions can add a lot of value to your organization in a short period of time. For example, there are solutions for Campaign Management, Predictive Maintenance, 360 degree customer view, Fraud detection, Operational Data Hub, Process Mining, Contract Management and Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) Management. These market solutions include many intensive knowledge hours and detailed business rules that can be made applicable to your data.

Bravinci Solutions represents an eco-system of data-driven point solutions. Bravinci Consulting is able to implement these market solutions on your specific data. The data footprint of each customer is unique, which means that with every implementation a tailor-made translation must be made to the specific model of the relevant point solution. Bravinci Services can also manage the point solution for you after it has been implemented.

Why Bravinci Solutions?

Point Solutions are usually designed to solve one specific problem. Due to this specialization and focus, point solutions are champions in their specific field of functionality. The strength of a point solution is also its weakness, the software only solves one problem. That means that to solve multiple problems, multiple point solutions must be selected and implemented. In order to get a holistic view of more than one point solution, data must be combined between these point solutions, which can lead to complexity and inconsistencies.

The Operational Data Hub is the common basis with which all point solutions are fed. We also call the first layer of the Operational Data Hub the one version of facts. This layer is the environment where all your data from each source system is stored as is and enriched with metadata. In the second layer of the Operational Data Hub, a canonic data model eventually evolves that can be used as the basis for the specific applications. This layer is also known as the forced version of the truth. The different point solutions, each with its own specific truth, are therefore also referred to as the multiple versions of the truth. The connection between the multiple versions of the truth, as far as it is natural, can then always be found by going to the more generic abstraction level of the forced version of the truth.

What are Bravinci Solutions?

On-shelf data-driven point solutions for specific business domains;
Which, in combination with your data, add value to your organization;
Which are implemented relatively quickly by plug & play;
Where maintenance is relatively cheap;
Where future modifications and new developments are automatically added by the manufacturer.

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