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Exploitation and management of data intelligence is more than just IT

Your organization with all its data generating processes is unique. No two organizations in the world have an identical data footprint. Data Intelligence systems that look at your organization in a hollistic and analytical way are therefore tailor-made and require many skills from your employees. That is why outsourcing the operation and management of a data intelligence system is not the same as managing a standard MRP, CRM or ERP system. And that is why an IT department is often not well equipped to operate and manage data intelligence systems.

You have had a data intelligence system built but you do not have the expertise to operate and manage this system? Bravinci Services offers you the possibility to have this carried out (remotely) by Bravinci Service employees. For example, Bravinci Services has various roles such as: data warehouse manager, data engineer, data scientist and data architect. By combining those roles in the desired quantity, you can put together a perfect team to get the most out of your data and data intelligence system. It is of course also possible to select Bravinci Services roles and supplement these to your existing organization, in order to perform the exploitation and management as a mixed team.

At Bravinci Services, subscriptions are taken to data intelligence roles. Each role has at least double occupancy, so that continuity is always guaranteed during holidays or when employees are absent. As a rule, the work is carried out for 80% remotely, which has proven to be an excellent way of working in these modern times. However, not everything can always be solved virtually and remotely, so service employees will also visit your location regularly to consult with your employees.

Why Bravinci Services?

Many Bravinci customers struggle to recruit and / or retain people with data intelligence competencies. Data engineers and data scientists are currently very popular and many companies do everything they can to bring in these top players. In addition, the field of data intelligence is very broad and, if you can believe most advertisements, you as an applicant must be a sheep with five legs in order to be IT technical, data analytical and advisory at the same time. Not many people have all these competences at the same time, and if they do, the career prospects of these people are of course not limited to a position within a data intelligence department.

At Bravinci, we rather believe in putting together a good team by combining knowledge-sharing people, who collectively have all the necessary skills. Our service employees work together for several customers. This not only makes the work more fun and varied, but it also ensures that many acquired techniques and know-how are exchanged between our employees. You as a customer benefit from this.

What are Bravinci Services?

Acquire Expertise in data intelligence roles through service subscriptions;
Continuity in data intelligence roles through dual implementation;
Flexible are the data intelligence roles to scale up and down;
Combine the data intelligence roles required;
Change the composition of the data intelligence roles if your organization grows in intelligence maturity.

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