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Would you also like to know how you can become a data-driven organization? Our experts are eager to analyze your organization to provide you with advice that really makes a difference.

Why Bravinci Consulting?

An organization engages a consultancy company because it has a certain knowledge and experience of the requested expertise. Bravinci has in-house experts with knowledge of 8 data-related expertises. For each expertise, Bravinci has a thought leader who is responsible for keeping the knowledge up to date. But in addition to current events, he or she is also visionary in the trends and future developments surrounding the relevant expertise. The 8 thought leaders are also responsible for the hollistic view of the 8 areas of expertise, which result in integrated advice and solutions for our customers. The thought leaders, also consultants themselves, manage the other consultants.

Bravinci’s consultants are substantive entrepreneurs. They know that they must continuously invest in themselves in knowledge and skills to keep their data expertise up to date. That is why the remuneration of Bravinci consultants depends on the performance they deliver to our clients. With this we enforce the right balance between customer interest, Bravinci interest and own interest. Our consultants are good in their field, your trusted advisor, but they are also people who know a lot but not everything. They are able to empower themselves and engage others for problems they have less knowledge of. The Bravinci consultant characterizes the combination of knowledge, knowledge sharing, collaboration and decisiveness. In short, you as a customer are central, that is the greatest common good within Bravinci.

What is Bravinci Consulting?

Our consultants are experts in data management, information management, analytics & automation;
Our consultants put customer interest above Bravinci;
Our consultants are Substantive entrepreneurs resulting in pragmatic and cost effective working methods;
Our consultants work closely together and can draw on the expertise of all Bravinci consultants for each client;
Our consultants are rather honest than sweet;
Bravinci consultants are willing to link their success to your success.

Propositions you can trust.


Focus on your core business and leave the management and operation of data applications to Bravinci.

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Often the wheel does not have to be reinvented. Our data-driven solutions and those of our ecosystem partners can quickly add value for your organization after a rapid implementation.

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Make sure your employees receive training adapted to your situation.

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