Deep Dive: Successful Data, Intelligence and Automation for SMEs [WHITEPAPER]

Having high capabilities in the field of data is one of the most important competencies organizations should master to ensure business continuity and/or become more successful these days. This does not only apply to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), just as much for Midsized Enterprises (MSEs) or Large Corporates (LCOs) and public organizations…

To outline what we are saying here, let us take Google as an example. Since generalist Google started develop-ing Google Maps, specialist mapmak-ers like TomTom are struggling to keep up with this competition. When a Google algorithm played the boardgame ‘Go’ against a human world champion, it won. Knowing this, it is not hard to imag-ine that if Google would start a bank, the financial market would probably be disrupted. The source of all this power? Data. But off course if that would be the only thing you need, there would be way more companies like Google.

So, besides having a lot of data, what did Google do to achieve this?


Now, of course, the average SME is not Google. Data expert Michael Doves took a deep dive into the data playing field of SMEs and listed the challenges and points for attention. Download the whitepaper ‘Deep Dive: successful data, intelligence and automation for SMEs’ below!

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