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You already have the winning element of your organization in house, data! We are happy to help you become and remain a data-driven organization by optimally deploying this element. Because of our approach, being aware of market and technical developments, our network and the belief that data is the key to success, we can earn money for you with your data. We provide you with crystal clear advice, analyzes and concrete approaches, and we are happy to take the next steps to success with data as fuel for your engine!

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Our data experts know their field like no other. That is why you have come to the right place for all data related expertise. All our services give your data a golden edge, so that you will soon have continuous information that ensures that your company performs at its best. You can count on that!

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How do we make your data the winning element? Our experts will figure it out.

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Focus on your core business and leave the management and operation of data applications to Bravinci.

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Often the wheel does not have to be reinvented. Our data-driven solutions and those of our ecosystem partners can quickly add value for your organization after a rapid implementation.

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Make sure your employees receive training adapted to your situation.

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What it brings to your organization

Data is the new oil, it is the binder of and between all business processes and allows you to make decisions based on facts and insights. Understanding data, knowing what it can do for you, your data is of tremendous business value.

All organizations have and generate data, by making this data available, converting it into information, knowledge is gained about your company, market and organization. With this knowledge it is possible to continuously make relevant predictions and recommendations.

More effective business operations - Are you doing the right things as an organization?
More efficient processes - Are all your business processes carried out optimally?
Transparency - Can you demonstrate to all your stakeholders and regulators that you are compliant?
Data Monetization - Have you ever thought that after using your data to be effective, efficient and transparent, this data can also be valuable as a product for a new target group?
Faster decisions - Do you make business decisions based on facts and insights?
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Customers who we work for

Several organizations have already preceded you in earning money with their data. Read our customer cases and get inspiration about how our experts can help you.

Happy customer

Linda Tonkes

CM Partners

"The Bravinci team has been able to link the technical question to the human dynamics on the work floor, so that the assignment has led to a proposal for a state of the art solution that is also workable in practice."

Arjen van Berkum

Betula Group

"Betula Group, together with Bravinci, has undertaken a project to shorten the lead time of consultancy assignments by cleverly unlocking collected source data and thus avoiding “manual” consultancy work. The result achieved is a shortening of the lead time by 25% and a reduction of costs by more than 20%. An excellent team, I can really recommend."

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